9 January 2012

Digital Figure Drawing 2012-01-05

Stock by *justmeina of deviantArt
I'm not as fond of this one at all. It's far too dark and awkward. I was very reluctant, I couldn't find the right spot for highlights and shadows. This shows my need to practice shading and representing the figure, especially of men. Luckily, *justmeina and other great models and photographers provide more than enough stock photography of the nude male for me to use!

16 November 2011

College plus trying to be a comic artist equals super slow and agonizing process.
Oh well! It's still fun!

These are some roughs, more to come.

25 September 2011

Stuff from Summer Part 2

 Self portraits
I like the right one best. It's less distorted. Did this with charcoal

These two were also gestures. We had to use charcoal (I used an 8B pencil...) and erase, than do the gesture over top. Not redraw the same gesture though, but see where we went wrong the first time and improve.
 These were longer gestures. The one to the left was difficult to do in 20 minutes because it was mostly just her back. The one to the left was an older woman, which was new to me.
This was the longest one, and the one I'm most happy with. It was fun. I have a larger photo of the upper body too.

It was a bit sad though. The last three here were done on the last day of class. We were supposed to have a nude model, but she didn't show up. Students posed instead. I was very excited, but it didn't happen. Maybe I'll do an intermediate class next year, one that focus's on the body.

Stuff from Summer Part 1

 So over the summer, I partook in an art class at the local college. While I don't have photos of all my stuff, I do have a lot. 

  Since I have so many photos, I'm going to post in two parts. These are the quicker gestures we did over the summer. These generally ranged between one minute to 10 minutes.

  Sorry that some of them are sideways, but they wouldn't fit on my camera otherwise.

3 August 2011

This is an image I just completed for a freebie. I didn't spend a lot  of time on it, but tried to push a little further with light, which is unfamiliar territory. Any crits and tips of lighting, or anything else really, would be awesome.

4 July 2011

GASG Week 2

I did pixelovely's 'class' for this. I started with 30 second then 1 minute gestures. The bottom last image has the times beside them, they were all a bit longer. I much prefer working in longer intervals of time opposed to the quick ones because I really haven't learned to loosen up yet.  

On a really exciting note, for my graduating gift, my mum put me in summer art classes at the local college. I mean, only I would want to go to school over the summer. I'm really excited because at some point I'll get to work with the nude figure (though I'm not sure when). I'm also excited and a bit scared that it's a college professor opposed to my high school art teacher. I know I'll get crits where I need 'em, but I still get butt hurt about them (I like them, just not the first moment when I realize 'shit, I did something wrong!'). Hopefully all goes well! Wish me luck!

25 June 2011

Gaia Art Study Group: Week 1

The first assignment will be simple--gesture drawings.
Do about 10-15 30-second gestures of either figures or animals. You can do them from life or use this site (which times them for you).
If you don't know how to draw gestures, this and this are some examples of guides you can use. Just google "how to gesture draw" and you can find a ton more!
Blah, gestures. I love doing them, but I'm so bad at them. I really need to learn to loosen up and catch the motion more.
I actually didn't time myself at 30 seconds. I paused the tool. I'm not at a stage where I feel strong enough with gestures, so I took it at my own pace for this one. Next time I'll probably do one minute sketches, to challenge myself.

2 June 2011

NaNoMango Hath Begun!

And I'm off to a good start. I'm doing 15 inked pages in 30 days. And I've got one done, starting on the next tonight.
Song of the Blind Page 1